5 Fundamental Rules of Couple Counseling

Published / by Sharon Moore

Meta description: Before beginning a couple counselling, it’s very important to note and understand that different persons have unique sets of values, personalities and history. This is in order to be able to accommodate your partner’s self-make up. Are you wondering what to keep in mind so as not to negatively affect your already troubled relationship? Here are some of the necessary rules to be aware of: 

Accept Your Partner as They Are  

When following couple posted pictures on social media, it is very easy to assume that perfect relationships exists. Remember nobody posts about their problems. In reality, this is not always the case hence, they are very deceptive. In couple counselling the therapist encourages that you should never compare your partner with others, who seemingly look perfectly married. There’s always no doubt that for a relationship to work it needs effort, sacrifice and support. 

Accept Mistakes and Correction  

During conflicts, everyone is always so busy talking trying to outdo the other. Some act as victims whereas in real sense they are the offenders. Therapist therefore ensure that each partner airs out their difference as the other listens. They encourage that when a wrong is done it should be first accepted for an apology to be made. 

Be Open and Truthful 

Couple counselling will only be effective if you decide to open up and tell the truth. Withdrawing important information or lying to your therapist can arise to major problems. Couples should realize that it is through that therapy they wish to bring the best out of them and make their relationship work. Also, opening up to your counsellor, will enable him or her to identify the source of the issue at hand. 

Avoid Criticism During Counselling 

Many people tend to judge their partners for certain behavior. As said above, most couples react how they do due to their personality and past experiences. When a person is not quick to trust and often has trust issues, the partner should understand and try to find out why. It is during counselling, that both get a chance to speak and tell out their needs. Try not to certainly change their behavior but talk to them and help them understand. 

Be Mindful of Your Partners Feelings 

This occurs mainly when the couple decides to see a therapists together. At times, some issues regarding sex life may be embracing to air out without the consent of your partner. Therefore, couples should first agree on what they wish to talk about with their therapist and the extent of information to give. This does not mean they should lie but should be prepared to speak out. 


Couple counselling is an established treatment for relationship discord. Research indicates that 69% of integrative couple therapy has been very effective. 

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