Psalm 99:5 FM is supported through the contributions of

Each year in August during our Sharathon, we ask the Psalm
99:5 family to prayerfully consider how God might have them
support this ministry in the form of a Faith Promise.

We are now able to accept donations online via your credit card
or checking account through Paypal!  If you are interested,
please click on the Paypal button at the upper right of this page.

You can also give to Psalm 99:5 via monthly EFT or electric funds
transfer withdrawals right from your bank account. For more
information on automatic withdrawal, contact us at

Your gift is tax deductible in the U.S.


Although you can give to the work of Psalm 99:5 without
sponsoring an on-air feature,
sponsorships of days and half
days are available
.  Your gift of $720 will sponsor a full-day’s
programming or $360 will sponsor either the morning or
afternoon/evening’s programming.  Your special message would
be read 5 times each half day.  (For example: Mr.  & Mrs. John
Doe are sponsoring this day’s programming in honor of their
wedding anniversary.”)

The Birthday/Anniversary Club and the Events Calendar(each
heard twice daily) can be sponsored for a gift of $75 for either

The Saturday Morning Kid’s Club can be sponsored for a gift of
$120.  Your message will be read 4 times during the 7:30 – 9:30
a.m. Saturday Kid’s Club.

Businesses are invited to sponsor the local News and Weather
Reports heard 6 times daily on Psalm 99:5.  Your gift of $120 will
sponsor one day or $500 will sponsor one week which will
include Saturday’s 2 local news casts.

Please give us a call at 888-285-7398 between 8:00 AM and
5:00, Monday through Friday and we can check the calendar to
see if the day you are most interested in is available.

Program underwriting is geared for businesses.  The
information below tells more about it.

One-hour and one-half hour programs can be sponsored
annually ($3,000) or quarterly ($900.)

Your gift of $2,000 can underwrite a quarter-hour program or
short feature for one year.  While a gift of $600 will underwrite
one for a quarter.

Programs that air once weekly (weekends) can be sponsored for
$1,000 annually or $300 quarterly.

There is a wide variety of programming for you to choose from
and just a reminder that our fiscal year runs from September
through August.  If you would like more information regarding
underwriting, give us a call at 888-285-7398

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