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DOMS stands for delayed onset muscle soreness. This is experienced by many athletes and those who exercise. A day or two after visiting a gym, your muscles will be sore. That will be noticed as walking down the stairs will be troublesome. Other simple tasks like removing your shirt will also have to be done slow. If you experience such hard times every time you go out for training, don?t panic. You are not alone. Many others are like you. You need to understand your biology to facilitate quick recovery from DOMS. After learning how to control them, you will not have to be out for long breaks in between gym sessions.

Those of us who like intense workouts may have experienced DOMS only that they are not familiar with the name. The more intense your workouts are, the more your body will need to react in recovery to maintain the healthy balance. However, too much lactic acid accumulation in the muscles, muscle spasm, damage of connective tissues and inflammation stands in the way to recovery. According to the experience of the trainer, the time duration for DOMS varies. Beginners can wait for up to five days before they feel normal again.

Where you are used to working out often, these will not be a problem as your body is in some way adapted. Where you are the beginner in intensive exercising, be sure that DOMS will be a challenge to deal with initially. If you used to exercise before and then stopped, DOMS are in for you too. If you experience muscle soreness on your first day in the gym, don?t hate the gym. The lifestyle is not always like that. After some few sessions, you too will get used to it. Some treatments will also help you to get over DOMS sooner than expected. Massaging is the leading therapy advised by many gym trainers.

Massaging was not invented yesterday. It has been there for long. There is a reason why it has been adopted in so many human activities as a booster in physical performance as well as relaxing. Massaging simply opens up your body so that no barrier prevents it from operating normally. Massaging will be appropriate when used before an event for warm up purposes and also after the event for recovery purposes.

Research has proven that an athlete who considers after an event will recover faster than one who does nothing. Time taken for DOMS to fade away will be far much reduced. Taking a massage after training is hence the best recommendation. How soon you do that determines the effectiveness. Waiting for too long before a will deem the massage therapy ineffective.

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