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5 Common Types of Plastic Surgery Procedures

Published / by Sharon Moore

Plastic surgery is a medical procedure of repairing, restoration or reconstructing body parts either by removal or transferring tissues to other parts. It became very popular during the First World War, where there was high demand to treat and reconstruct damaged body parts due to injuries that resulted from the war. However, later the procedure was widely adopted for beauty purposes also. Depending on the motive of the procedure, plastic surgery can be classified into two broad categories: cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery.  

Reconstructive surgery 

This type of surgery is perceived to be medically necessary. It is done to correct deformed body parts which may be due to injuries, birth defects, medical conditions like cancer, and trauma. Reconstructive surgery is widely accepted and it is even covered by most health insurance companies. 

Cosmetic surgery 

Cosmetic surgery, also known as aesthetic surgery is a type of plastic surgery which is performed on body parts that are healthy with an objective of improving the appearance. The desire to improve body appearance has made cosmetic surgery to be very popular. 

Below are some of the most common plastic surgery procedures, which are either done for cosmetic or reconstructive purposes. 

  1. Breast augmentation

This surgery is done to enlarge the breast, create symmetrical breast appearance, or to replace a breast that was disfigured due to disease or an absent breast. Ladies who fail to develop breasts at puberty also opt for breast augmentation. 

  1. Blepharoplasty

It is a type of cosmetic surgery done on the eyelid to improve vision for people whose eyelids obstruct their vision. Excess skin that cause sagging or wrinkles is removed or reshaped.  

  1. Abdominoplasty

This is a lower body or tummy lift, in which excess skin and fats found in the abdominal area are removed. The skin that remains is tightened. Excess skin as usually experienced after pregnancy or when one loses a lot of weight. This results into too much skin around the abdomen which hangs out. 

  1. Breast reduction

Although rare, breast reduction is a plastic surgery that aims at reducing the size of breasts. The main reason is to improve posture for people with very large breasts. Such breasts poses a challenge even when finding the appropriate or fitting clothes. 

  1. Forehead lift

It involves pulling the skin on the forehead tightly so that wrinkles are removed. The objective is to have a smooth face 

The bottom line 

Everyone wishes to be in good health and shape. Plastic surgery has made that goal a reality for most people. Clients can visit doctors who offer those services, and their concerns will be addressed. Despite that, it is important to know the cost in terms of physical finances and health. There are people who have paid for surgery not only with money but also with their own health. Some of the health risks include permanent scars, temporary swelling, breast-feeding abilities, loss of sensation and, sometimes blood loss.  

It is necessary to analyze the motives objectively, discuss the feelings and concerns people who are well informed with plastic surgery. They can give an honest opinion about the person’s worries and also provide guidance, especially on cosmetic surgery. Is some cases, aesthetic surgery is contemplated, just because the body part is disfigured due to personal attitude towards oneself. 

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