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Physiotherapy Treatment Techniques

Published / by Sharon Moore

Individuals experience unique problems since your body is not the same as others. The physiotherapist can recommend different treatment techniques and approaches. A different approach is usually taken since you might have similar movement, but when you suffer from a problem the physiotherapy treatment might not look alike. Here are some of the common techniques that physiotherapists recommends to some individuals. 

Physiotherapy taping 

When you need tension off of strained areas, physiotherapist might strap to immobilize the joints for better healing Kinetic Physiotherapy. 

Advice and education 

At times physiotherapists might choose to focus on the person as an individual rather than focusing on the injury and hence, goes on giving educational knowledge and advice on some ways to improve the well-being of the body.  Also, advice about good posture, correct carrying techniques, avoiding over-stretching, and focus on activities that will reduce risks of body injuries. 

Exercising technique 

Exercising technique not only helps in improving body balance and mobility but also helps in improving flexibility, building stamina, and strength. Exercising is usually done under physiotherapist guidance depending degree of severity and the condition of the injury. 


While in the therapist room, stretching serves an important role as physiotherapist treatment. It helps in releasing up some muscles that might have been locked up. Also, it will allow you to be more active and increase the range of motion allowing muscles to lengthen making them move better. 


An injury might cause some pain putting too much pressure on nerves. Neurodynamics will help in identifying alleviating the pain by identifying the source of nerve compression. 


Generally, massaging is one way of softening tissues, reducing pain increasing mobility, and improving the flow of blood usually done by the use of hands. Also, massaging works best in reducing any pain perception or any other tension that you might be holding on to. 

Self-management training 

Typically, healing from injury involved an individual`s involvement and cooperation and it recalls a rehabilitation process to bring a returning body to a normal function. Although healing from injury in a long term may not be applied as quick and permanent fix, quality and independence of body normal function ongoing efforts. 


Icing is a process used by physiotherapist and it helps in reducing inflammation that might occur in the physiotherapy treatment process. The ice usually takes up to 15 minutes in the injured area and thus you will be needed to follow the time scheduled by the therapist. 

Physiotherapist thus plans the exercise and physiotherapy treatment depending on individual condition following their past and present problems. Thus physiotherapist will always plan exercise for patients that will help in improving fitness and also preventing any impairment to the body and this makes the person be healthy.