Uses for functional mushrooms

Published / by Sharon Moore

Generally, mushrooms have different functions which range from food to being ecosystem’s part. Functional mushrooms however, are those that apart from providing nutrition, they also have numerous health benefits. 

This article lays it’s focus on some of the uses for functional mushrooms.


Functional mushrooms have been around in our planet for thousands of years. However, it is only recently that most researchers have focused on medicinal properties associated with them. This has been brought about by increased need for health solutions that are natural.

There are many uses for functional mushrooms which include but not limited to:

Common colds will become a thing of the past

Mushrooms contain some molecules better known as beta-glucans. These help in protecting and supporting the immune system. By improving immunity of the body, sore throats and body aches become fairy tales.

Mental clarity and concentration improves

One kind of mushroom that is specifically known for this is the Lion’s Mane. This is because it stimulates growth factor for nerves and also supports the health of the nervous system. Therefore, next time do not chugg too much coffee, instead, use mushroom supplements and your focus gear will be top notch.

More energy

Cordyceps militaris is used in boosting one’s energy levels. Marathoner’s, bodybuilders, and people who oftenly like going to the gym can use this to boost their endurance and stamina when doing exercise. It’s modus operandi is by raising oxygen intake to the maximum. This in turn makes the levels of natural energy to increase because more oxygen will go into the cells.

Better sleep

Chagga and Reishi help in a great way to provide you with that elusive good sleep you might be missing. This is because they help your mind relax and sleep well thus you can wake up the next day feeling rejuvenated and very ready for the activities you are supposed to perform.

Stress and anxiety

During this period of Covid-19 disease, many people have become stressed up mainly due to the many lay-offs of employees by many businesses looking to cut down their expenses and stay afloat. These employees are really going through a rough patch in their lives as they also have families to feed and bills to pay. When stress builds up, it is important one takes these functional mushrooms as they help in bringing equilibrium to one’s body while at the same time strengthening one’s ability to deal with stress. They make you feel amazing and in the right mood to keep facing the challenges that may come your way.


As can be seen from the discussion above, uses for functional mushrooms are many. There is also a lot of research going on  concerning these functional mushrooms and it is just a matter of time before more details and benefits of these mushrooms are discovered.

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