What is the pelvic region?

Published / by Sharon Moore

The pelvic area is a region in the human body that lies between the abdomen and thighs. Both males and females have pelvic skeletons. However, their structures are not similar.  


Difference between male and female pelvic regions?  

Not only is the male and female body different from the outside, but there are also some internal organs that are different and adapted for different functions.  

The male pelvic skeleton  is thicker, tall, and has more massive pelvis bones. This helps in support of the male’s body stature and the strong muscles.  

For women, the pelvic skeleton is more full, short, and less curved pelvic bones that are adapted for childbirth.  

The function of the pelvic area?  

The main function of the pelvic area is to carry the weight of the upper body, especially when walking, sitting, and understand.  

The pelvic area is the point of attachment for the trunk and muscles in the lower trunk.  

It also provides protection for the internal organs of the pelvic region.  

Causes of pelvic pain in women?  

 For women, pelvic pain can be caused by: 

Menstrual cramps  

This happens on the first, and second-day women have their periods since when the uterus is shedding blood, there is contraction and relaxation of muscles causing pelvic pain pelvic floor physiotherapy  

With the help of a few antibiotics, cramps are manageable.  

Urinary Tract Infections  

This is caused by bacterial infections that have symptoms like blood in the urine, and pain, especially when urinating.  

This can also be managed by a visit to the doctor and taking some antibiotics.  

Inflammation of the bladder also causes pelvic pain 

Sexually Transmitted Infections.  


Ectopic pregnancy  

This is a situation where the embryo doesn’t attach itself In the uterus rather;, it attached itself somewhere else an example in the fallopian tubes.  

This is a severe health issue; one should visit the doctor since it is a serious life-threatening issue.  

Causes of pelvic pain in men?  

Just like in women, causes of pelvic pain In men include : 

Sexually Transmitted Diseases 

Urinary Tract Infections  

Prostate Inflammation  

In men, the pelvic pain normally occurs between the navel and groin region.  

This is not the only cause of pelvic health pain in males and females; one might get an accident causing the pain. In case you notice any pain, especially from your pelvic region, you should visit a physiotherapy clinic for pelvic health, depending on your location.  

This way, you will be able to get a diagnosis and a treatment plan for wherever the problem will be.  

Health tip: Men and women are advised not to place phones or wallets in their back pockets when sitting down since it damages the pelvic area that may lead to back pains.  

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